EDWARD MORDAKE man with two faces

Edward Mordrake – The Man with 2 Faces

The true tale of Edward Mordake (Mordrake) has been lost to history. His unusual case occurred early in medical history and is referenced only in tales handed down. The tale of his life has become so muddled through the passage of time that no solid date of birth or death is evident to modern researchers.

MYRTLE CORBIN – The Four-Legged Woman

Myrtle Corbin, was known as the Four-Legged Woman – however that moniker was slightly misleading. While at a glance one could plainly see four legs dangling beyond the…

PERUMAL SAMI – The Other Happy Hindoo

Perumal was born in Madras, India in 1888 and his images are often mistaken for fellow multi-limbed Indian Laloo. Perumal began his exhibition career at a very young age and often appeared in photographs with an companion Indian dwarf named Soopromanien.

LEN AND ERNIE – Two Boys, One Head

  On July 7th, 1931 in Winnipeg, Manitoba Ernie Defort was born with a parasitic twin attached at to his sternum. Ernie’s brother consisted of a headless rudimentary…