AL AND JEANIE TOMAINI – The Strangest Couple

True love knows no bounds.

Al had an overactive pituitary gland and he eventually stood over seven feet in height. To earn a career in sideshow, Al claimed a height of 8’4” and billed himself as ‘The Tallest Man in the World’. No one seemed to mind Al’s embellishment, due mostly to the fact that Al was an incredibly genuine and nice guy.

BETTY BROADBENT – Tattooed Beauty

The beautiful Betty Broadbent was born in 1909 and during her childhood she was a rather innocent lass. She was rarely in trouble and was both trustworthy and kind. At the age of fourteen she was employed as a nanny in Atlantic City, New Jersey and took to wandering the boardwalk. It was there that…


JEAN CAROLL – Love Hurts

What would you do for love? In her time, Jean Carroll was a popular bearded lady. More importantly, Carroll was the real deal. Born in 1910 in Schenectady, New York Jean Carroll possessed the genuine foundation of a fine silken beard at the age of ten, when she joined the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus. As she aged,…


PERCILLA – The Monkey Girl

The case of Julia Pastrana has long been held as a tragic example of exploitation. The remarkable bearded prodigy lived a life of manipulation and in death her body was abused and disgraced by callous souls and ignorance. The life of her contemporary could have easily followed the same shadowed path however her story is…



The true identity of the pinhead known as Schlitzie is still somewhat debatable. The most popular opinion, currently, is that Schlitzie was born as Simon Metz on September 10, 1901 in the Bronx. But, the true names ins’t truly isn’t important. What is important is that Schiltzie’s indomitable spirit was infectious, and still contributes popular culture. Schlitzie…