WEREWOLF SYNDROME - Hypertrichosis

WEREWOLF SYNDROME – Hypertrichosis

  The Wolf Boy, Living Werewolf or Dog-Faced Boy have been fixtures of the sideshow world for centuries. Jo-Jo, the Dog-Faced Boy is likely the most famous of the lot however cases of hypertrichosis have been reported and documented long before Jo-Jo. Hypertrichosis is really a blanket medical term that refers to excessive body hair….

barbara urselin werewolf girl


  Barbara Urslerin presents one of the earliest and most well documented historical cases of hypertrichosis on record. ‘The Hairy Maid’ was born in February of 1629 near the village of Kempten, Germany. She was purported to be the only member of her family afflicted with the mutation which is rather unique situation and quite…


  In 1826 an expedition led by John Crawfurd visited the court of Ava, a province in Burma. In his published account of the visit, Crawfurd described meeting a wolf man named Shew-Maong. The account was the first documented encounter with hypertrichosis since Petrus Gonzales. At the age of five, Shwe-Maong was given to the…


LIONEL – The Lion-Faced Boy

  Stefan Bibrowski was born in 1890 in Warsaw. He was discovered by a unknown German showman at the age of four and, with the permission of his parents, he began his exhibition career in 1895. He was given the name Lionel The Lion-Faced Boy and a back story involving his mother witnessing his father…