general tom thumb midget king

General Tom Thumb – The Most Famous Midget

Born to a hardhearted carpenter in Bridgeport, Connecticut on January 4, 1838, little Charles Sherwood Stratton would go on to be the most famous midget in history. When he was discovered at the age of four by P. T. Barnum little Charles stood a mere 25 inches in height and weighed 15 pounds. His father,…

OVITZ FAMILY auschwitz-dwarfs

THE OVITZ FAMILY – Nazi Experiments

Of all the trials and tribulations endured by those born unique, few equal the horrors chronicled by Elizabeth Ovitz as she and her siblings were tortured and experimented upon by the infamous Nazi “Angel of Death” Josef Mengele.

PAULINE MUSTERS - The Little Princess

PAULINE MUSTERS – The Little Princess

In the history of the world, little Pauline Musters is the smallest mature woman ever officially recorded. Pauline was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as having stood only 1 foot 11.2 inches in height. Born on February 26, 1876 in Ossendrecht in the Netherlands Pauline Munster’s was almost half of her final…

giant and dwarf skeleton


Over one thousand years before Homer, there exists a written account by Egyptian Pepy II of the 6th dynasty in which he urges one of his generals to look after a pygmy discovered on an expedition to the south.Furthermore, Amenemope at the end of the 2nd millennium B.C.E. set down laws to protect those born…

Hiram and Barney - WILD MEN OF BORNEO

Hiram and Barney – WILD MEN OF BORNEO

In typical sideshow fashion, the Wild Men of Borneo were pure gimmick. The Davis Brothers, Hiram and Barney, were not from Borneo at all. Hiram was born in 1825 in England and Barney in 1827 in New York. The dynamic duo were dwarves, each standing only three and a half feet tall. The brothers began…