Freaks, Geeks and Human Oddities!

Some may call them freaks and human oddities - but they are truly human marvels!

A congress of most unusual mortals

see them triumph over fate, nature and the judgement of man
EUGEN SANDOW - Father of Bodybuilding

EUGEN SANDOW – Father of Bodybuilding

In the Victorian era, Eugen Sandow must have physically appeared godly. While professional strongmen existed long before Sandow appeared, none possessed such a chiselled physique previously. He was born Friederich Wilhelm Mueller in Königsberg, Prussia in 1867, in what is today Kaliningrad, Russia. By the time he was 19, Sandow was already performing strongman stunts…


MAXIMO & BARTOLA – The Aztec Children

Maximo and Bartola first appeared in 1848. The hoax perpetrated by their handler, in the spirit of shameless promotion, not only sustained their long careers, but also the careers of two generations to come. Maximo and Bartola were born microcephalic and were originally from the village of Decora in St. Salvador. The pair were quite…

RALPH KROONER - The Elephant-Skinned Man

RALPH KROONER – The Elephant-Skinned Man

Ralph Albert Krooner was born in Montpelier, Vermont in 1888 and he owed much of his fictitious and show-worthy back story to the long-discredited medical theory of maternal impression. The theory of maternal impression was once a popular phenomenon that attempted to explain the existence of birth defects and congenital disorders. The theory stated that…

ROBERT MELVIN - The Man with Two Faces

ROBERT MELVIN – The Man with Two Faces

The moniker ‘The Man with Two Faces’ has been given to many Marvels during the history of sideshow.While few actually had two faces, Robert Melvin came pretty close. Born in Missouri on May 9, 1920 as one of six children, it quickly became evident that Robert was different. He was examined quite extensively by doctors…

dick-hilburn-half man

DICK HILBURN – The Quarter-Man

Man is often greater than the sum of his parts. On January 15, 1918 an infant named Dick Hilburn was born in Bladenboro, North Carolina. He was born physically incomplete. Dick Hilburn was born with a single arm and physically little else. He possessed no left arm and no legs, only a vestigial two-toed foot…



The tale of tiny Jeffrey Hudson is unique, to say the least. The tiny man famously known as ‘Lord Minimus’ and considered one of the ‘wonders of the age’ was a member of the royal court, fought in the English civil war, killed a man in an illegal duel, was eventually reviled and spent over…


PERCILLA – The Monkey Girl

The case of Julia Pastrana has long been held as a tragic example of exploitation. The remarkable bearded prodigy lived a life of manipulation and in death her body was abused and disgraced by callous souls and ignorance. The life of her contemporary could have easily followed the same shadowed path however her story is…

CAROLINE CRACHAMI - The Sicilian Fairy

CAROLINE CRACHAMI – The Sicilian Fairy

Recently a number of television shows, documentaries and circulating picture sets have generated great interest in the genetic phenomena of primordial dwarfism. These tiny people, these seemingly fragile, delicate and near ethereal human beings conjure images of gossamer fairies and quaint folk stories. Such enchanting imagery is likely the root of this new interest in…



The true identity of the pinhead known as Schlitzie is still somewhat debatable. The most popular opinion, currently, is that Schlitzie was born as Simon Metz on September 10, 1901 in the Bronx. But, the true names ins’t truly isn’t important. What is important is that Schiltzie’s indomitable spirit was infectious, and still contributes popular culture. Schlitzie…

RADICA & DOODICA are The Indian Siamese Twins

RADICA & DOODICA – The Indian Siamese Twins

The term ‘Siamese twin’ is synonymous with the medical condition of conjoined twins. The slang term is due to the mid 19th century popularity of Chang and Eng Bunker, joined twins who originally hailed from Siam. The brothers were so popular that their billing as Siamese twins came to represent their condition and not their…