LALOO – The Handsome, Healthy, Happy Hindoo

Laloo was born in Oudh, India as the second of four siblings in 1874. He was accompanied into this world by his parasitic twin brother who was little more than a headless mass of limbs attached to his breastbone.

Laloo’s brother consisted of two arms and two legs, a functioning penis with a complete urinary system and, although lacking testicles, the twin was quite capable of maintaining an erection at inopportune times. Unfortunately, the twin also needed to occasionally urinate and, although Laloo could detect tactile sensations through his brother, he was often only aware of his brother’s need to eliminate after the fact. Laloo took to diapering his sibling and, fortunately, the twin was unable to defecate.

Laloo was quite popular in nearly every big sideshow of his era, he traveled extensively and even worked with P. T. Barnum. His advertisements often billed him as the ‘Handsome, Healthy, Happy Hindoo’ – as ‘exotic’ acts and persons were all the rage in America at that time. Also, in a bit of common showmanship, he would often dress his brother as a girl and advertise the twin as his sister. That is, until that erection issue started to throw a wrench into the act.

Laloo was also something of an rights activist and, in 1889, he participated in a well orchestrated protest to have sideshow performers referred to as “prodigies” and not “freaks”. The protest was successful and the word ‘freak’ fell out of common practice for quite some time.

By 1894 Laloo was married, to a average woman, and well off financially. Not only did he command great sums from his sideshow ventures, he also padded his income by offering to display his body to physicians for examinations at a great profit. It has been said that Laloo lived a very lavish lifestyle.

Unfortunately, Laloo died an early death in a train wreck in 1905 while working for the Norris and Rowe circus in Mexico.



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    I feel sorry for the dude when his brother would have an erection, or urinate. Ach!

  • Reply March 1, 2009


    One thing that always strikes me about the old-time Prodigies is what amazing people their parents must have been. I am sure Laloo’s parents were under considerable community pressure to toss him out for the jackals when he was born. But they didn’t… that must’ve taken guts.

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  • Reply January 14, 2010


    I’ve heard of cases in India of communities embracing babies with parasitic twins because they believe they are divine and carry a resemblance to their Gods.

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