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A Chinese grandmother has a five inch horn growing out of her forehead. The horn curves downward and looks like the stalk of a pumpkin, reports the Yangcheng Evening Post.Granny Zhao, 95, of Zhanjiang city, Guangdong province, says it first appeared three years ago.

“At first, it was only a mole, but it gradually grew and became like a horn,” she said.Zhao says the horn causes her little trouble except to affect her vision slightly: “It causes me no discomfort, but blocks part of my view.”

Yes, it is real and I’ve covered the topic of Horned Humans previously:

From Ananova

Author, researcher and an expert of the odd, J. Tithonus Pednaud has been chronicling bizarre history and highlighting the lives of those born exceeding different for over a decade.


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    I cant remember where I saw it but I recently read an article about a man who has this condition except its all over his body.

    They call him the treeman I think because he looks like hes turning into a tree.

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    My sister has a horn on her forehead just above her right eye. It was about 3-1/2 inches when it was removed the first time (to please our parents). It was found to be growing on a cancer. She doesn’t believe in medical solutions, so she didn’t have the cancer treated or removed. The horn has grown back, but is now quite large. Not sure how large because she keeps it bandaged. It causes great pain and interferes with her vision in the right eye.

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    Yes…his name is Dede…and he’s from Indonesia. He looks like he’s in a lot of pain…and to even remove a small portion of them would be extremelly painful…and would probably be in vain. The condition that gives him his tree like appearance…is hard to get rid of…and continuously re-grows…It is basically the same condition that gives you warts…ohhh…it’s quite sad actually. Not the deformity…but the pain…and the fact that he is forced to feed his…quite large…family by performing with a two-bit side show….that he hates….and finds demeaning…and dehumanizing…

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    grammar nazi

    Also sad…when I…have to read…other peoples…posts…who are idiots please………………..also horns are awesome…

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    I’m an Indonesian and Dede had been on the news numerous times.
    In Indonesian language, he is known as “Manusia Akar” or in English “The Root Man”.
    It has been announced that Dede is no longer alive.

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    dede..? here’s his story, when he was a child, he had a lot of cuts. and he would never clean them. he would go to the dirt and the grass. and eventually he had like dirt and stuff in his body. and he has living things in his body. such as tree trunks and plants. he got seeds and bark in his cuts that they continued to grow in his system. and now he regrets not cleaning his cuts. look what happened to him.

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    Danica: I am quite sure that’s incorrect, but that would never work in a human being. Dirt can’t form trees in a person, seeds can’t grow inside skin. Bark doesn’t evolve into a full tree either.

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