Five Freak Show Freaks Who Should be Famous

There are a handful of freaks and human oddities who captured the imaginations of all who bore witness to their visage. This upper echelon of famous freaks consists of household names like The Elephant Man, The Two Headed Boy of Bengal, Edward Mordrake, The Lobster Boy, Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy and a few others. These peculiar individuals have graced historical journals, the silver screen, have been the subject of songs and written fiction. Their names have been uttered by school children for over a decade and their legacy continues to live even in the current information age.

There are many individuals who were every bit as remarkable, and sometimes even more so, who history has forgotten and fame has passed over. The reasons for their obscurity vary but all were robbed of the recognition their sheer uniqueness should have cemented.  The following is a list of five freaks who should be famous.

5. TOM JACK – The Ice King

Karl Breu was born with severe albinism. He became enamored with magic and became an adept illusionist under the guidance of a travelling circus magician. He eventually saw his contemporary Houdini as the embodiment of the adventurous lifestyle he desired and thereafter Karl dedicated the remainder is career to cheating death as the only freak albino escape artist in Europe.  Read more…

4. THE GREAT WALDO – The Regurgitating Geek

Historically, a geek was a sideshow performer who ate bizarre or unexpected things. Waldo’s talent was bizarre and certainly unique enough to be called ‘Great’. Waldo was able to swallow and regurgitate items on demand. This disgusting feat contrasted his bespectacled, clean-cut appearance. Even more shocking was his inclusion of live animals into his act. Women fainted as the freak Waldo swallowed and regurgitated live mice.  Read more…

3. ELLA HARPER – The Camel Girl

Ella was born with an unusual condition resulting in knees that bent backwards. Her appearance was shocking. Newspapers touted her as ‘the most wonderful freak of nature since the creation of the world’. She has since faded into history and very little of her story is known.  Read more…

2. GEORGE LIPPERT – Three Legs, Two Hearts

In addition to being born with three legs, George was also born with two functioning hearts. That condition was unknown until is autopsy in 1906, but even post mortem that fact should have made George famous. The three legs alone should have propelled Lippert to fame and fortune and P.T. Barnum promoted him early in his career. However another man possessing three legs entered the scene and effectively replaced George who ended his life in poverty.  Read more…

1. ALICE DOHERTY – The Minnesota Woolly Girl

Alice Elizabeth Doherty holds the unique distinction of being the only recorded American to be born with hypertrichosis lanuginosa, a condition often referred to as Werewolf Syndrome. Alice was born with a mane of fine and silky blonde hair; she was an American Werewolf. But, despite the fact that hypertrichosis is exceedingly rare, at the time Alice was touring in the late 1800′s there was actually a substantial glut of contemporary hairy human oddities. Lionel – The Lion-Faced Boy and Jo-Jo The Dog-Faced Boy proved to be far more successful in both fame and fortune when compared to Alice Doherty. This was likely due to the fact that they had legendary promoters behind them as well as a certain exotic appeal. Alice, on the other hand, was a quiet American girl managed by well-meaning family members.  Read more…

Author, researcher and an expert of the odd, J. Tithonus Pednaud has been chronicling bizarre history and highlighting the lives of those born exceeding different for over a decade.

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    Sometimes being a one-of-a-kind human marvel just isn’t enough to capture fame and fortune.

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